Play Me Like A Fiddle


Play me like a fiddle

Your love is like a riddle

One minute we’re happy

Next minute you throw a twist

I can’t seem to figure it out

Just like an African drum

You strapped me across your shoulder

And sat me in between your thick thighs

And played me like a fiddle

The tune is so confusing

I dance to the rhythm you give me

Steeping all over my own feet

I seem to have lost my footing

I put my trust in you

That I may not be swindled

But soon I begin to fall to the ground and you’re not there to catch me

Face covered in dust

My vision has been blurred

Now I am lost in smog

And all I can hear is the tune that you play me

Confusing it sounds like gibberish

I can’t dance to it anymore

Seeking a way out of this riddle

Less you play me like a fiddle


Nina Fabunmi

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