Another Strike To A Battered Heart

Another strike to a battered heart

A gross loss of life

Another lost heart beat

A heart that feels defeat

Once a blessing

Now a lesson

But how shall I learn from this

You gave me comfort in my lonely bed

Now my pillow is soaked with the tears I shed

Wondering why you left me

Why we couldn’t be

Sitting in a pool of blood

Still trying to hold on to you despite the flood

Once again I was alone

You are gone

But I still feel you

Sometimes I think I really need you

The absence of you hath struck my already battered heart

With scars that look like a painful work of art

My insides hurt like I have a cut

My head is filled with thoughts that rot

My body, I see signs of you on it

Thought you are not in it

You have struck me badly

And opened old wounds I once thought were healed sadly

I am hurting all over again

Waiting for my pain to heal to find me again

Numbing the pain by making art

Mending the strike to my battered heart

(C) Nina Fabunmi 2018

Can’t Get the Rose Without the Thorn

Can’t get the rose without the thorn

A horn without a kill

A need without a seed

And a seed needs a feed

It takes what it can’t get

It grows persistently

Because it’s story needed to be told and not to be sold

The sun came out

It blazed and it burnt

It left a mark

And it will never go away

Because it’s beams are everlasting

Even in the deep dark night

It snuck up on the moon

And still shines it’s light

A red rose with a prickly thorn

It’s plucker had to shed blood for it

The blood caused a flood

Like one that had be struck by a sword

It left a mark

That mark will never go away

Because it struck so deep

And even though the wound felt healed

It was never sealed

It will last forever

It will bring pain and pleasure

It will always be a treasure

That beautiful red rose with a thorn

That thorn will never be gone

Because you can’t get a rose without a thorn

(C) Nina Fabunmi 2018

Guilty Of Loving You

I am guilty of loving you

My little peanut

A thumping heart beat inside of me

Little limbs, tiny thoughts

But did you ever get the chance to hear my voice

As I sang to you and told you how much I loved you

One day you were swimming and the next day you were still

And I wonder if the weight I carried was too much for you to bear

Did you hear me cry and cry with me

Did you see through my worries when I felt so alone in this

Did you hear me wonder how I would care for you

And did you decide to spare me the bother

But you were always a blessing my little peanut

And I loved you so much I knew I would find a way

I walked miles under the blazing sun

I had to fend for our household so that I could provide for you

But you left me and almost took me along with you

And you did indeed take a part of me with you

I can’t stop wondering what you would have looked like

With my eyes and your fathers smile

Would we go the saloon together one day and get matching manicures

I will never know

I am guilty of all that you accuse me of

Guilty of feeling guilty for your demise

Scars in my womb

My blood shed for you

Flowing out of me like a bucket full of dye

Blacking out

Drifting between life and death

And yet

My heart aches for you , it always will

Because I am guilty of loving you

(C) Nina Fabunmi 2018