She took my breathe away

When I gazed upon her beauty, I found peace within . The breeze filtered through my clothes, my hair commanded by the wind and still , I was taken my her. I walked by her sandy shores, her waters washed my feet, kissing the rocks as they bounced back and forth as if to tease them. The sun gave her a twinkle and the moon waited impatiently for the night to fall on her. I captured her , that I may take her away with me. She is I, my creative spirit, my symbol of freedom, my dreams, my solace, desire…..she took my breathe away.

I remember my father

I remember my father , the stories he told, the triumphs he rejoiced over , the trials that made his heart grind to a final stop. I remember my fathers eyes, his fury, his fear, his determination .I remember my father.

Unless you have seen my fathers backyard, you could never understand what drives me. I constantly encounter the ignorant who cannot believe how I strive. They could never hinder me for they know not what grows in my fathers backyard. Mosquitoes have sucked my blood and rats have nibbled off my toe nails but still I stand. I remember the will of my father , his voice telling me that I will not be deterred.