To Have & To Behold

When I saw his face
I was transported to a place of happiness
When I heard his voice
It filtered through me like blood flowing through m
y veins
I looked into his eyes and I was whole again
Forget my head, I cannot reason
My heart is in my head; I have given it to him
I have nothing else to offer anyone else
I love him
I have never loved like this before
I am tired of fighting battles within
Tired of making excuses for my unhappiness
Tired of solving math’s
I am like a river that has flowed into his ocean
Connected to his soul we are inseparable
Lost without him like the air that I breathe
He fills me up in ways only he can
I have zipped my foul tongue and swept away pessimi
I have blocked my ears that which threatens to tear
us down
I am taking charge of my bliss
Letting go
I have given myself to him

The Lady with the Pink Umbrella

I remember a time in my life when rainy days made me sad. Driving through dirt roads in Africa and wading through deep potholes of roads that were supposed to be tarred. Avoiding the ditches and trying not to fall into the gutters which had been covered by the flood. Those days I would drive through unimaginably terrible streets watching those whose engines had given up and thanking God that I had invested good money in purchasing my brand new Jeep. 

Living in San Francisco however ,has given me a different appreciation for the rain. Here, the city gets a positive makeover. The rain ignites it’s beautiful rainbow colors which bounce back and forth the darkened wet shining surfaces of smooth streets and ancient buildings that still stand tall and proud. The bright blue skies descend below like an abstract mirror image of themselves. The car lights add glitter and shimmer and the people with their colorful umbrellas  complete the masterpiece of such a gorgeous ensemble, like The Lady in the Pink Umbrella.

“The Lady with the Pink Umbrella” oil on canvas, is available at my solo show  ” The Haven” taking place at Atelier Gallery, Academy of Art University, 79 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA, 94105