I made her out of my own hands

Juxtaposed her posture

Choreographed her composition

Her gesture, intentional

Lighting, drapery and skin

I formed her in black and white

And when she was ready I added color

I poured my emotions into her

That she may speak for many others and me

And when she was ready to go

The right man came along

He paid the price

And he took her home

And I felt nothing but contentment

I am the third creator

God hath endowed my hands

Blessed my heart

And garnished my mind

I have applied mimesis

And I have replicated his creation unto canvas

That she may be admired by the eyes that see her

Adored by whom she will be owned

And he shall make her his trophy


©Nina Fabunmi

Plucking Petals


Precious flower

I hold on to you

Nature, earth, sun, wind

How still you sway from side to side

They are plucking petals off your stalk

And still I hold on to you

I smell your scent

I soak in your beauty

And I hurt as I watch you wither away

Giving away my precious petals

You let them in

I hold on to you

But when I shut my eyes to sleep

They pluck your petals

You stagger, you stutter, swaying from side to side

I am still holding on to what’s left of you

Though you let them pluck your petals

Plucking at you


Plucking petals


©Nina Fabunmi

Preparing For Another Season

Winter died when summer came but the trees are yet to recover

Autum arrived, the colors changed, soon the leaves descended

Harmattan in a distant place and yet , on me, the dust descended

Dancing in mud yet praying for rain to wash away the dirt

Rainbow in the sky , it disappeared  and still I chase its shadow

Floating on dreams, swimming in hope and hanging on to faith

Every season demands of me, maleable like an amoeba when will I find my constant

I am bending and breaking, swaying and praying, desperately in need of respite

Finding my place in the world as I watch it go by

Preparing for another season and  reverently seeking a reason

©Nina Fabunmi

Catching The Ripples

Stone in a pond

A hard hit and a splash

Beneath a clash

It began with in a ripple

And like an infectious disease , it spread

Ripple after ripple, and even more ripples

I dove right in , grasping desperately

I tried to catch the ripples but they multiplied

Ripple after ripple

One flaw giving birth to more flaws

One mistake , more mistakes

I couldn’t take them back

I am swimming deep in the pond

Catching the ripples

But I am drowning in them

Soon I will emerge with bruises

A fish tail and fins

Maimed by my efforts to take back the past

Swimming without drowning

Becoming a product of all my errors

And still trying to catch the ripples

©Nina Fabunmi

Turned My Tears Into Dew Drops



The Sun caught me crying and turned my tears into due drops

It sprinkled it on pretty flowers and green leafy plants

It turned the rest of it into fog

The atmosphere, humid and emotional

The landscape like a painting on canvas

Warm air, wet wind, a glaze of haze

Due drops settled into fresh water ponds

Soon the frogs began to croak

Eggs matured and tadpoles swam

Worms came out of the loose damp soil

Snails crawled out of their shells

The earth made magic out of my tears

Tears turned into due drops


Nina Fabunmi

Life Is A Shark


Life is a shark and we are all swimming in an ocean of oblivion

Prying on each others fears

Feasting on one another

And not knowing when we will finally be swallowed up

Or given a bite to end it all

Shallow waters are warm

Yet we swim to the depths hunting for treasure

Soon the pressure suffocates us

But we are greedy and undeterred

Constantly seeking

Feeding on others

Swimming in a sea of uncertainty

Where nothing is promised

And we are only as good as the moment we live in

And then the shark finally takes the bite

Our lights go out

And we wonder what all that swimming was for


Nina Fabunmi

Love Is A Place That Exists In My Head

Bonding By Moonlight, By Nina Fabunmi, Oil on Canvas, 20x42, Sold Inches, 2001

Love is a place that exists in my head

We danced as Whitney sang “could I have this kiss forever”

And promised our lives to each other

We embraced and we cried

We held our unborn child and we made ourselves a family

She is so beautiful, look how she has grown

We nurtured her into puberty

And had many more children

In my head we have built castles

We sleep and we awake together

We watch the sunrise by dawn

And retreat as it sets at dusk

We kiss under the moonlight

And ride through the skies on stars

We sail on dolphins and fly on butterflies

Everything that tore us apart does not exist anymore

We are young and foolish

But above all, we are in an endless love

In a place that exists in my head


Nina Fabunmi