When Weary Winds Blows

When weary winds blow

When my space in infiltrated by that which I do not see

Its like the wind wandering into places no one dares to

You are in my head once again , uninvited

Like the wind that cracked the window open

I think of you, dream of you, wake up calling your name

And yet I sleep in an empty bed, craving you

Wondering if I am supposed to

The weary wind is blowing again

Tugging at my stubborn heart

Wanting that which it does not have

Meant to have or not

Once was but no more

What shall I do with the memories, the thoughts and the love I once felt for you

What shall I do with my undying love

Like an artist with paint but no canvas to express a work of art on

Praying for the wind to take it all away

Yet clinging to it like my dear life

For fear of the weary wind

I will climb into my head and lock myself in a box

The weary wind will not wash away my thoughts

I will take you with me where ever I go

And paint the pretty picture that is us, though not ,but is and will always be