Emotional Transitions 2_D2_ Nina Fabunmi_Emotional Transitions 2_ Pen on paper_11x14_2012

When does it end……? Never

Her emotions are like daggers stabbing at her heart

She goes to sleep at night but when she shuts her  eyes, tears trickle down and she remembers it all

They chased away her suitors and killed her child

Their evil was laced with good intentions but they left her damaged

She ended up alone

A fragile heart, afraid to love

Heart filled with daggers, bleeding all over

She is alone, crying, no comfort, just painful memories

She wonders when it will all end



©Nina Fabunmi 2020


The Journey to the Top


Like a tree

I struggle to be free

High buttresses of emotions weigh me down

Like the butter colored wedding gown

I wore to begin a new life with him

That life became my strife within

It was like moving from one prison to another

Craving the love of another

Thinking that he could love me the same

But what he called love was nothing but a shame

He bullied me out of my earnings

Put to waste all my life’s yearnings

He struck me with his fist

Till I saw nothing but mist

I fell to the ground but I became a tree

Struggling to be free

My tears watered the ground

And broke the bound

I saw a light and it guided me

It showed me a way to be me

But my journey to the top is not quite done

One day, I’ll find the one

He will cut down the buttresses trying to pull me back

He will make sure I never lack

He will hold my hand and journey with me

Together, we shall be free

One day I will be dressed in white

And begin a new life with a love thats right

We shall journey to the top

And never stop

Our journey to the top

© Nina Fabunmi 2020


When Weary Winds Blows

When weary winds blow

When my space in infiltrated by that which I do not see

Its like the wind wandering into places no one dares to

You are in my head once again , uninvited

Like the wind that cracked the window open

I think of you, dream of you, wake up calling your name

And yet I sleep in an empty bed, craving you

Wondering if I am supposed to

The weary wind is blowing again

Tugging at my stubborn heart

Wanting that which it does not have

Meant to have or not

Once was but no more

What shall I do with the memories, the thoughts and the love I once felt for you

What shall I do with my undying love

Like an artist with paint but no canvas to express a work of art on

Praying for the wind to take it all away

Yet clinging to it like my dear life

For fear of the weary wind

I will climb into my head and lock myself in a box

The weary wind will not wash away my thoughts

I will take you with me where ever I go

And paint the pretty picture that is us, though not ,but is and will always be

Picking Up The Pieces

Like a wound that’s yet to be healed

How can I be the band aid for the wounded?

My tears are still overflowing

So how can I stop yours from falling

You left me a slippery ground to walk on

I struggled to keep on walking

Until at last I fell

You were like a derelict piece of land

And yet I planted my seed in you

I watered it with faith, hope and love

And you became profitable

You profited from me

With or without my consent

Whether or not it was descent

You claimed it as your right

Now you are like a flourishing piece of land

And those who eat from you are not me

Where forth went the seed I planted in you

I woke up and you were not there

And I remembered pain

And I remembered when love was real

I thought about her and the fruit of her womb

I wished it was mine but it wasn’t

I wanted to reclaim what was once mine

What will always be mine

Two broken hearts lost and trying to find a way

All we are left with now are pieces

We are like scraps of material on a beautiful quilt

Each piece telling a story

We cling on to each other

Making the best of what life hath left us to contend with

It seems like that would be enough for now

We walk to a future where we know not how

Will we ever make this bond everlasting

We have love but not the way we want it

I have gone back home

Where I planted my precious flower and watched it grow

One piece at a time , I shall pick

I take what I can get and make the best of the rest

When you are with me , I feel whole

And when you are not there, I hold on to the memories of you

In my heart you are forever mine

And no one will ever take your place

Here I am picking up what’s left of us

Watering it with faith hope and love

In the land where my flower blossoms

I am picking up the pieces

(C) Nina Fabunmi 2018


Where To Now?

I made you the captain of my ship

But you made me buy the boat

I handed you the steering wheel

But you lost us deep in a deep blue ocean

Nowhere land

Without a path or a destination

I had to jump off

And swim in my own direction

I left all that hurt and pain behind

But it seems like anytime you try to reach me

You bring it all along with you

Do I need to buy you another ship to sail to me

Give you a cabin and a crew that they may guide you

Hand you a life jacket that you may never drown?

Less you be lost once more

Still bringing along the pain and hurt I have tried ever so hard to get rid of

I am living in my own land where I found my way to

I have built me a shelter and provided for me

I am never lost

Just lost when I think about you

Lost in thoughts of your thoughts

Lost in thinking that your direction will ever lead you to me

In a way that will stop all the hurt and pain

But you always bring it along with you

So here we are never knowing how to do this

Where to now?

(C) Nina Fabunmi


The Reality Of A Dream

Where forth shall we be ?

When forth ?

What say the dream?

What’s real or not?

The lost became the found

And the found is lost all over again

Don’t know the difference between the dream and the reality anymore

I have been living in my head for far too long

A place where I know how to achieve perfection

I am who I want to be

I can do what I please

And love whom I deem fit

There is no judgment

No rules or societal norms

And I am at peace


I can dream

And I can make my dreams a reality

You were never lost to me

You never will be

It’s a dream but its reality

For I know not the difference

I have been living in my head

In my perfect world, you are mine and I am yours

We were promised to each other from the beginning

When we discovered what love was together and for the very first time

And we were lost to each other

But we are found

And we belong to each other

We always have , we always will

For this is a dream

And our world is perfect

For our dream is a reality

The reality of our dream

(C) Nina Fabunmi 2018


Oceans Apart

We are like two currents moving on different wave lengths

Oceans the will never meet

Two continents on different parts of the globe

So how shall we ever meet

We meet only to depart

Departure has become our only constant


The lack of your presence

So how shall we ever be

You inherited the life I once lived

I have moved beyond that but you are still there

How shall our worlds ever collide

Blinded by doubts, mistrust and so much pain

The past still dwells in the presence so how shall we ever heal

The waves are crashing against the beach

Rocking the sands back and forth

The waters have explored new lands

So how shall the currents ever meet

For they are oceans apart

They always depart

Flowing on other banks never in the same place

All that’s left between us is space

A cold void

Drifting further and further apart

Like oceans apart

(C) Nina Fabunmi 2018


Another Strike To A Battered Heart

Another strike to a battered heart

A gross loss of life

Another lost heart beat

A heart that feels defeat

Once a blessing

Now a lesson

But how shall I learn from this

You gave me comfort in my lonely bed

Now my pillow is soaked with the tears I shed

Wondering why you left me

Why we couldn’t be

Sitting in a pool of blood

Still trying to hold on to you despite the flood

Once again I was alone

You are gone

But I still feel you

Sometimes I think I really need you

The absence of you hath struck my already battered heart

With scars that look like a painful work of art

My insides hurt like I have a cut

My head is filled with thoughts that rot

My body, I see signs of you on it

Thought you are not in it

You have struck me badly

And opened old wounds I once thought were healed sadly

I am hurting all over again

Waiting for my pain to heal to find me again

Numbing the pain by making art

Mending the strike to my battered heart

(C) Nina Fabunmi 2018


Can’t Get the Rose Without the Thorn

Can’t get the rose without the thorn

A horn without a kill

A need without a seed

And a seed needs a feed

It takes what it can’t get

It grows persistently

Because it’s story needed to be told and not to be sold

The sun came out

It blazed and it burnt

It left a mark

And it will never go away

Because it’s beams are everlasting

Even in the deep dark night

It snuck up on the moon

And still shines it’s light

A red rose with a prickly thorn

It’s plucker had to shed blood for it

The blood caused a flood

Like one that had be struck by a sword

It left a mark

That mark will never go away

Because it struck so deep

And even though the wound felt healed

It was never sealed

It will last forever

It will bring pain and pleasure

It will always be a treasure

That beautiful red rose with a thorn

That thorn will never be gone

Because you can’t get a rose without a thorn

(C) Nina Fabunmi 2018