He Watched Me Bleed


He called me his queen

And adorned my head with a crown made out of thorns

Flesh punctured and blood tricking down my garments

He watched me bleed

He sat me on a pedestal placed on quick sand

And stood beside me, watching as I sunk

Deep and fast, soon I was gone

He knocked on my door and I opened

He asked for my heart and I gave it

He strung it up, hung from the ceiling

And made a punching bag out of it

He cleaned out my organs and placed in a blender

Made a smoothie and drank it with gusto

And he watched as I bled

He made me a slave to his loving

Trapped like a I’m in a dungeon

Weak, unable to break the bars that hold me


At night he lays his head to rest but he cannot sleep

For when he closes his eyes in slumber he watches me bleed

He will roam the earth as a king without his queen

He will eat and never be filled

He will drink but his thirst will never quench

He will look for me but never find me

He will see nothing but he will see me

And he will watch me bleed


Nina Fabunmi


4 thoughts on “He Watched Me Bleed

  1. Nina this is a hauntingly dark and beautiful poem. Reminds me of an old piece of mine…wrote when I was in a dark emotional and scary place where ‘crocodiles whistle and bats blow saxophones’.
    If the dream is yours then reach out of his and free yourself.

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