A Drink and a smoke in China Town


oil on canvas, 30×24 inches, 2015 by Nina Fabunmi

I love China Town for many reasons, there is something very homely and casual about the organic flow of activities there. Fresh fruit and vegetables at affordable prices sold by people who speak little or no English. The culture is eminent there ; clothes , shoes, jewelry and ornaments, even Chinese toys. Its an amazing little China community right here in the heart of San Francisco.

On this faithful day, the sun was blazing hot, but the cool breeze was soothing and I was amazed at how the lovely shadow shapes added beauty to this place. I made my way through the crowded streets and stopped to stare at whatever caught my attention toads on sale, strange tea, you name it……and then, I spotter this man… he aroused my curiosity in many ways . He was not the typical kind of person you would find in China Town, seemed like he hid under the hood of his beaten leather jacket with his face covered in his long red beard which reminded me of Ire Land. He sat casually , having a soda and a smoke. I liked the way the colors on him glazed under the sun  and how the rays filtered through the redness of his long red beard. I considered it my artistic responsibility to paint him. For me this was a celebration of diversity , of the people and of the land.

This painting is on sale in my solo show “The Haven” at Atelier Gallery, 79 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA, 94105 , http://www.aaugalleries.com

During my opening night which happened on Friday the 19th of February, someone asked me what the inscriptions on the wall meant….. only then did I realize that I never even tried to decode it.  I know now that knowing this would definitely add more to the story.

If you can read the writing on the wall, please post a comment with its meaning.

Thank you






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