Wait Till I’m Dead and Gone


Wait till I am dead and gone

For the only sure thing in life is death

Keep looking till you find what you’ve always had

You will never find again what you had already found

But by then it will be too late

My spirit will be flying high

Watching over you

Crying with you

Sobbing over your miserable life

My inert corpse will be lying in my grave

My flesh decomposed to manure

My bones burnished and white like the feathers on a dove

Only then will you be able to see through me

My transparency, honesty and absolute devotion to you

But by then it will be too late

You will stumble to my graveyard on your hunch back

Your crapulent bones, your baldhead and your walking stick

I will watch you cry over my tombstone

Longing for the life you should have had with me

And I will grow roses to acknowledge your tears

But by then it will be too late

I will float over you like an angel in heaven

And send a gentle breeze to dry your tears

You will dig your grave beside mine

And long for death to take you away

But it will never come when you want it to

One day you will visit my grave

And will fall right into the one you have dug for yourself

I will be waiting for you in the after life


Nina Fabunmi



Bed Of Roses



The Gecko on your wall

Soon to be gone

Only for the cockroaches to come in again

Here I lay waiting for you in a bed full of roses

You betrayed me and returned to me with a single pink rose

I cried in your arms

You comforted me

My love for you knows no bounds

I planted my single pink rose

It has born forth-new fruits

And now I lay in a bed full of roses

Still waiting for you while you run around with cockroaches

They shit all over you

Sting you with their stench

I have cried

I am still crying

My tears are nourishing my garden of roses

I lie amongst the thorns

I bleed as they rip my flesh

Still waiting for you

My blood nourishes the soil

Still waiting for you

Many have come with their valor

To rescue me from myself, still waiting for you

I gave you my heart

You turned it into a pincushion

Pierced it with many needles

I am weak and feeble

Bleeding till death

Lying in my bed of roses, still waiting for you

I have died and given you my soul

Buried in my bed of roses

Still waiting for you

Dancing around with cockroaches

They will kill you and return your soul to me

Bury you in my bed of roses

I will be waiting for you in the afterlife

Still waiting for you

In my bed of roses


Nina Fabunmi