I Forgot You


I forgot you

He touched me and I forgot you

You became a figment of my imagination

A nightmare in a dream that I had awoken from

A roller coaster ride that had finally come to an end

Ashes of a dead cadaver gone with the wind

Once again I saw your lies

And all my futile cries

And I forgot you

Because he touched me and he made me feel again

I remembered love

I remembered truth

I remembered what it felt like  without deciept

A man who knew what it was to be a man

And I forgot you

He lifted me up and I left you behind

And I forgot you






I wanted to think

But I could not blink

I wanted to dream

But sleep didn’t come

I stared into open space

Tears rolled down my eyes

Like an endless river of overflow

When will it stop

How will I know

I ponder still

I tried to erase the memories to no avail

Climbing a never-ending hill

On a journey that only gets steeper

Like diving into an ocean that only gets deeper

I wanted to open a safety deposit box and lock them all up in there

Away from me, so I could move with more ease

My heart raced like horses on a track

My body became warm

Sweat buds popped on my forehead

Like steam on the lid of a hot soup pot


My emotions are like clouds in the sky

Sometimes I wonder how I get by

Soon they will erupt into a torrential downpour

Causing floods that will sweep away all that’s in its way

Only then will I be free



©Nina Fabunmi 2016


Hacking At My Heart

Emotional by Nina Fabunmi, 4x3ft, Acrylic on Canvas, 2011


I have loved and I have lost

And I am still loving

And I will continue to love

They have come and they have gone

And they are still there

And they will continue to be there

Each one of them that I have loved and I have lost

Has hacked away at my heart

Hacked a piece of my heart away

A piece has turned into pieces

And they have hacked them away

Those whom I am still loving are hacking away at it

And are still hacking

And will continue to hack

And those who are waiting to love me still

Are holding their swords, their matchets and their hoes

Waiting to hack away at my heart

My heart is fragile but it beats still

Pumping twice the amount it was before it was hacked at

It struggles to beat but it beats still

Struggling to breathe

But it breathes still

And struggling to sustain the life in me

But I am still alive

With many more years to stay alive

And though they have hacked away at my heart

They have moulded it with beautiful curves

Defined each twist and turn on it

Moulded the bends into beautiful bends

And defined the curvature of it

And it is a beautiful heart

Beating, pumping and breathing still

Loving and giving and loving again

Loving even those to whom love has been lost to

Loving those whom still love

And waiting to love those waiting to love

Waiting to hack away at my heart

Hacking at my heart


©Nina Fabunmi 2016


Consumed By Fire


Fire burning me up

With just one touch

He took me places

Like I had a sudden rush of blood flowing through my veins

Waking up places I never thought existed

I begged for mercy

But forgiveness was never served

I was like a patient in need of medicine

Given in bitter sweet portions


The savor of that which is prohibited

One touch

I was hypnotized

I left my body there for him to deal with

And my spirit was transported to a world where feelings are like ice cream on a cone

Apples were falling from the tree of life and I was eating all of them

I was dancing with sharks at the bottom of the deep blue ocean

Moving in ways that seemed like I was boneless

It was like a heat that could not be quenched

It took over me

I screamed louder and louder

But my loud cries seemed to only fire him up the more

I had no words to tell it

Completely consumed fire


©Nina Fabunmi 2016


The Irony Of Joy

Where is the anger that lights me up

The pain the inspires me

The ache that keeps me awake

The tears turned to ink that I may pour out more poetry

My eyes a dry like a stream that ceases to flow

He kisses me gently

He holds my hand while we walk

And he makes sweet love to me

And now, I am happy

But my words are lacking due to the drought of pain

Where is the hurt that makes me make art

I have lost it all to love

The irony of joy

©Nina Fabunmi


Life Is A Shark


Life is a shark and we are all swimming in an ocean of oblivion

Prying on each others fears

Feasting on one another

And not knowing when we will finally be swallowed up

Or given a bite to end it all

Shallow waters are warm

Yet we swim to the depths hunting for treasure

Soon the pressure suffocates us

But we are greedy and undeterred

Constantly seeking

Feeding on others

Swimming in a sea of uncertainty

Where nothing is promised

And we are only as good as the moment we live in

And then the shark finally takes the bite

Our lights go out

And we wonder what all that swimming was for


Nina Fabunmi


My Sanctuary


How could I drink from another cup whence I have found that which quenches my thirst?

How could I eat from another plate when I have one that makes me hunger no more?

Each time I walk this path, the trees unite to give me shade

My sword is sharpened, a shimmer on my blade

The birds sing to soothe my senses

Like a surreal world I see from different lenses

The wind blows and I am refreshed

But each time I have swayed from this path

I have been filled with an empty void

Hollow from that which is shallow

Hiding away from my own shadow

Lost like a needle in a haystack

Wanting and needing

I always return back to my sanctuary

You are my sanctuary

In you I have built my home, my dreams, my hopes my all

Even when you are not there, I still feel you

Like the blood that flows through my veins

Like the rhythm of my heart beat

And anytime I need you

You are just a thought away

In my head, in my heart

My sanctuary


Nina Fabunmi