When I Hear Your Voice

When I hear your voice

My body melts like butter on hot pancake

I wish you would take a bite and enjoy the taste of me

Can I use my words to lure you into my chambers

That we may climb to great heights

When plunged into each other, like a knot and a bolt

An unbreakable union, like blood flowing through a breathing heart

You give me life

Thats what your voice does to me

When I hear your voice

When I hear your voice

It cancels out the noise

I see you, though you are not here with me

I imagine you touching me

And I touch you right back

We touch each other without looking back

Could you fall in love with the essence of me

And one day come home to me

That we may be

I hear your voice………….

And when I hear your voice

I open up my mouth and I feel your lips upon mine

Your breath behind my ears tickles me

My dopamine is activated

My body vibrates

The world does not exist anymore

Just you and I

And then I hear your voice again

And the cycle continues

I am lost in the thoughts of you

When I hear your voice

© Nina Fabunmi, original art also by Nina Fabunmi www.ninafabunmi.com


This Fantasy Is Mine

This fantasy is mine

I reserve every right to it

And I deserve to feel the way it makes me feel

In my mind, you are mine

I wake up every morning lying next to you

You kiss me

You kiss me on my lips

You kiss me all over my body

You even kiss me in places that I did not know were kissable

There is no getting out of this bed

Until we are satisfied and fully fed

But we’ll never be satisfied and fully fed

Because the more we give to each other

The more we want of each other

And we just keep going and going and going

Moaning and moaning and moaning

Like whales moan in the deep blue sea

We are all that we see

We are deep into each other

There is no other

No bother

This fantasy is mine

In my heart, I have built you a home

I have filled it with warmth and love

I take you everywhere with me

You make me feel safe

Like treasure in a safe

When you pull my strings, I dance to your tunes

When you call my name, I answer to you

When you’re with me, I light up

And my fire burns only for you

I own this fiery flame

It is mine to have and behold

Because this fantasy is mine

© Nina Fabunmi, original art also by Nina Fabunmi www.ninafabunmi.com


The Way I Need To Feel

Tell me sweet nothings

Like it’s nothing

It should come naturally to you

Like the color of the ocean with a deep blue hue

When your heart beats

Let that be the sound of my name

Call it like it’s not a shame

When you touch me, I need to quiver like a river

With currents so high, they look like they shiver

And if I shiver, I need you to hold me

Like a believer, let your solace be me

Need me, like a seed in the soil needs water to grow

Plant your seeds in me, in my loins that they may flow

Be the left to my right or the right to my left

Sticking together like fish trapped in a net

We can cut through it and swim out together

Like the hurdles we jump to get to the finished line together

There is no me without you or you without me

That’s the way it’s supposed to be

If the love is real

Then this is the way I need to feel

© Nina Fabunmi, original art also by Nina Fabunmi www.ninafabunmi.com www.saatchiart.com/ninafabunmi

To The Bearded Black Man Reading This Poem

To the bearded black man reading this poem

I do not know you, but I know what your voice does to me

You told me I was worthy

I listened and I owned it

You pressed the re-set button and activated parts of me

That I thought were dead and gone

And here I am again, waiting………….

Waiting to hear those words from you

Those words……

“My beautiful queen

Woman of my dreams

Shaped like a champagne bottle

With the savor in what lies within

I have seen you cry

And I am here to dry your tears

I felt you shiver, and I came to keep you warm

I want you to know that I’ll bear that weight

Ease your mind

And love you like you need to be loved

Because you are worthy”

©Nina Fabunmi 2021