The Journey to the Top


Like a tree

I struggle to be free

High buttresses of emotions weigh me down

Like the butter colored wedding gown

I wore to begin a new life with him

That life became my strife within

It was like moving from one prison to another

Craving the love of another

Thinking that he could love me the same

But what he called love was nothing but a shame

He bullied me out of my earnings

Put to waste all my life’s yearnings

He struck me with his fist

Till I saw nothing but mist

I fell to the ground but I became a tree

Struggling to be free

My tears watered the ground

And broke the bound

I saw a light and it guided me

It showed me a way to be me

But my journey to the top is not quite done

One day, I’ll find the one

He will cut down the buttresses trying to pull me back

He will make sure I never lack

He will hold my hand and journey with me

Together, we shall be free

One day I will be dressed in white

And begin a new life with a love thats right

We shall journey to the top

And never stop

Our journey to the top

© Nina Fabunmi 2020


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