I am afraid to speak

I have spoken much and now I am exhausted

I opened my mouth and I unleashed a fire

And now it has consumed me

But It had been burning me up for so long, eating me from within

I had to let it out

And now

I am like a spirit, dancing tango between the ghost and the scarecrow

It was too much for me to handle

I had to let it out

Pearl in a shell

Rare and precious

Diamond in a rock

I am a gem

But value eludes the ignorant

They flock to me on their fine horses

But I am weak and weary

This one hath truly outdone me

What else is left of me?

They will dig deep but they will find that my heart beats no more

And they will fall into their own graves while they are at it

I am tired

I speak no more

I will rest now

Fear has become my new companion


©Nina Fabunmi 2016


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