Play Me Like A Fiddle


Play me like a fiddle

Your love is like a riddle

One minute we’re happy

Next minute you throw a twist

I can’t seem to figure it out

Just like an African drum

You strapped me across your shoulder

And sat me in between your thick thighs

And played me like a fiddle

The tune is so confusing

I dance to the rhythm you give me

Steeping all over my own feet

I seem to have lost my footing

I put my trust in you

That I may not be swindled

But soon I begin to fall to the ground and you’re not there to catch me

Face covered in dust

My vision has been blurred

Now I am lost in smog

And all I can hear is the tune that you play me

Confusing it sounds like gibberish

I can’t dance to it anymore

Seeking a way out of this riddle

Less you play me like a fiddle


Nina Fabunmi

Wait Till I’m Dead and Gone


Wait till I am dead and gone

For the only sure thing in life is death

Keep looking till you find what you’ve always had

You will never find again what you had already found

But by then it will be too late

My spirit will be flying high

Watching over you

Crying with you

Sobbing over your miserable life

My inert corpse will be lying in my grave

My flesh decomposed to manure

My bones burnished and white like the feathers on a dove

Only then will you be able to see through me

My transparency, honesty and absolute devotion to you

But by then it will be too late

You will stumble to my graveyard on your hunch back

Your crapulent bones, your baldhead and your walking stick

I will watch you cry over my tombstone

Longing for the life you should have had with me

And I will grow roses to acknowledge your tears

But by then it will be too late

I will float over you like an angel in heaven

And send a gentle breeze to dry your tears

You will dig your grave beside mine

And long for death to take you away

But it will never come when you want it to

One day you will visit my grave

And will fall right into the one you have dug for yourself

I will be waiting for you in the after life


Nina Fabunmi


My Sanctuary


How could I drink from another cup whence I have found that which quenches my thirst?

How could I eat from another plate when I have one that makes me hunger no more?

Each time I walk this path, the trees unite to give me shade

My sword is sharpened, a shimmer on my blade

The birds sing to soothe my senses

Like a surreal world I see from different lenses

The wind blows and I am refreshed

But each time I have swayed from this path

I have been filled with an empty void

Hollow from that which is shallow

Hiding away from my own shadow

Lost like a needle in a haystack

Wanting and needing

I always return back to my sanctuary

You are my sanctuary

In you I have built my home, my dreams, my hopes my all

Even when you are not there, I still feel you

Like the blood that flows through my veins

Like the rhythm of my heart beat

And anytime I need you

You are just a thought away

In my head, in my heart

My sanctuary


Nina Fabunmi


Chasing Waterfalls


My eyes are like waterfalls filled with savage emotion

The current is intense

The descent is deep and dreaded

The depths beneath so daunting

It’s dark and forlorn

Eaten up by the cold

Stinging me from within

Drowning in ache

And still the overflow is unending

I carry a weight upon me

It will never cease

I am moving from sorrow to sorrow

A heavy heart profuse with that, which plagues me

I am chasing waterfalls

I am that which I pursue

And yet I cannot escape from me


Nina Fabunmi

It’s Like Madness



It’s like madness

I swallowed a pill called love

It flows through my veins

And has infected me with lethality

Crazy!!! I Feel like I have gone insane

Ashamed with no one to blame but me

How could I let this happen?

It’s like walking without walking

Like one without feet and yet I am moving

Other forces have befallen me

My tongue is wagging but I said not a word

And yet I have said so much

It’s an infinite source of inspiration

I can’t stop the words from flowing


But I shed not a tear

And yet I can’t hide my heavy eyes

Like an ache without diagnosis

How can I be cured?

I drowned myself in a bottle named love

And now, I am intoxicated

Calamity, its insanity

I have thrown myself to the ground

And banged my head against the wall

In my futile effort to shake it off

How do I rid myself of this torment?

Bruised, broken and battered

It’s like Madness


Nina Fabunmi


Our Perfect World

Waiting For Him

I have kept you in my dreams

Trapped in a world that only exists in my false reality

A place where I can share you with no other

And transient things are not a bother

I spend the nights in your arms

And I awake in your embrace

I have a script for everyday

It all goes according to plan

I have you in my thoughts

When I close my eyes you smile at me

You lift me up and swirl me around

You whisper sweet nothings and make me merry

In a world where all is perfect

Where unicorns fly and homes are like floating clouds

We are like gods and goddesses

Eternal, peaceful and beautiful

My slumber is deep

I dare not wake

Less I be compelled to face my harsh reality

Where my tears flow like waterfalls

And my heart has been battered to a pulp

I spend the days waiting for night to come

So I can fall deep into sleep

To be with you once more

In a place where unicorns fly

Where we float on clouds like gods and goddesses

Our perfect world


Nina Fabunmi

I belong To No One


Follow the breeze and catch my ashes

For all that I am is gone with the wind

I saw the fire burning and put my fingers in it

And now I have been burnt to embers

I looked back because I saw you once more

But like Lot’s defiant wife

I got turned into a pillar of salt

Like ashes to ashes and dust to dust

The storm hath carried me away

And sprinkled my essence all over the earth

How ever will you find me?

I belong to no one now

Our memories are like leaves on a tree

Once green and full of life

But they will turn orange and brown when autumn returns

And finally fall to the ground

So think of me as an apple on a tree

Or the new growth from a seed planted in the soil

When the stream flows, I will flow with it

And when the rivers unite with the ocean

They will take me to its depths

I have given myself back to my origins

I will nourish the land

I will bring forth new fruits

I will be no more

Belonging to no one


Nina Fabunmi

I Gave Myself To Him


He wined me, dined me, put me in a pan and baked me

He poured my blood into a cup and drank it

I sat across the table from him and watched him nibble at my feet

He ate my fingers and my toes

He tore out my heart and he ate it

He inserted a straw into my skull and sucked out my brains

I fed myself to him

All I ever wanted to do was satisfy him

I lay on his black silken sheets and I gave myself to him

That he may never lack

I gave it all to him

And when I was left without life in me

I gave my soul to him

But I was never enough for him


Nina Fabunmi







I Will Love You From A Distance


Our pictures are like pretty petals scattered all over the floor

Our memories are like stars that twinkle on a dark blue sky

You have walked all over our pretty petals and stained them with dirty feet

But when the sun goes down at dusk

Hiding all the days labor in a haze

Our stars still twinkle on a dark blue sky at night

I will love you from a distance

Because each time I come close, you burn me

I will make a portrait painting of you

And adorn you with attributes you don’t possess

I will hide your flaws and paint over the pain

And make you perfect in every way

I will gaze upon you in awe

And fall in love with you over and over again

I will make memories in my head

And ask for the mercy of the dark blue sky at night

So that the stars will always twinkle in approval

I will love you from a distance


Nina Fabunmi

He Watched Me Bleed


He called me his queen

And adorned my head with a crown made out of thorns

Flesh punctured and blood tricking down my garments

He watched me bleed

He sat me on a pedestal placed on quick sand

And stood beside me, watching as I sunk

Deep and fast, soon I was gone

He knocked on my door and I opened

He asked for my heart and I gave it

He strung it up, hung from the ceiling

And made a punching bag out of it

He cleaned out my organs and placed in a blender

Made a smoothie and drank it with gusto

And he watched as I bled

He made me a slave to his loving

Trapped like a I’m in a dungeon

Weak, unable to break the bars that hold me


At night he lays his head to rest but he cannot sleep

For when he closes his eyes in slumber he watches me bleed

He will roam the earth as a king without his queen

He will eat and never be filled

He will drink but his thirst will never quench

He will look for me but never find me

He will see nothing but he will see me

And he will watch me bleed


Nina Fabunmi