Love Is A Place That Exists In My Head

Bonding By Moonlight, By Nina Fabunmi, Oil on Canvas, 20x42, Sold Inches, 2001

Love is a place that exists in my head

We danced as Whitney sang “could I have this kiss forever”

And promised our lives to each other

We embraced and we cried

We held our unborn child and we made ourselves a family

She is so beautiful, look how she has grown

We nurtured her into puberty

And had many more children

In my head we have built castles

We sleep and we awake together

We watch the sunrise by dawn

And retreat as it sets at dusk

We kiss under the moonlight

And ride through the skies on stars

We sail on dolphins and fly on butterflies

Everything that tore us apart does not exist anymore

We are young and foolish

But above all, we are in an endless love

In a place that exists in my head


Nina Fabunmi

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