My Sanctuary


How could I drink from another cup whence I have found that which quenches my thirst?

How could I eat from another plate when I have one that makes me hunger no more?

Each time I walk this path, the trees unite to give me shade

My sword is sharpened, a shimmer on my blade

The birds sing to soothe my senses

Like a surreal world I see from different lenses

The wind blows and I am refreshed

But each time I have swayed from this path

I have been filled with an empty void

Hollow from that which is shallow

Hiding away from my own shadow

Lost like a needle in a haystack

Wanting and needing

I always return back to my sanctuary

You are my sanctuary

In you I have built my home, my dreams, my hopes my all

Even when you are not there, I still feel you

Like the blood that flows through my veins

Like the rhythm of my heart beat

And anytime I need you

You are just a thought away

In my head, in my heart

My sanctuary


Nina Fabunmi


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