I belong To No One


Follow the breeze and catch my ashes

For all that I am is gone with the wind

I saw the fire burning and put my fingers in it

And now I have been burnt to embers

I looked back because I saw you once more

But like Lot’s defiant wife

I got turned into a pillar of salt

Like ashes to ashes and dust to dust

The storm hath carried me away

And sprinkled my essence all over the earth

How ever will you find me?

I belong to no one now

Our memories are like leaves on a tree

Once green and full of life

But they will turn orange and brown when autumn returns

And finally fall to the ground

So think of me as an apple on a tree

Or the new growth from a seed planted in the soil

When the stream flows, I will flow with it

And when the rivers unite with the ocean

They will take me to its depths

I have given myself back to my origins

I will nourish the land

I will bring forth new fruits

I will be no more

Belonging to no one


Nina Fabunmi


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