Blue Night


Love came knocking at my door,I glanced in the peep hole and was charmed by a smile but when I opened the door to let him in, daggers came flying at my heart.
I gave my heart to a man with tools, too shallow to understand it’s complexity, he took his hammer and his nails and drilled holes in places where there were none.

Then came the spider, eight eyes in all, tentacles, thorns, thought he could see it all. I crawled to him for protection, that he may wade off the danger that lurked around me, but he clothed me in his venom, that I became like poison Ivy.

I am lethal as a venormous cobra, I have burnished the daggers in my heart and turned the nails into precious metal. The bleeding now brewed into fine red wine, maturing over time.

I went under a huge pine tree, beneath the blue moon that gazed upon me and rebuilt myself from needles and earth. I clothed myself in nothing but me and waited behind my door once more, under the cover of a deep blue night, waiting for love to knock again. This time I’ll be ready to let you in.

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