To Have & To Behold

When I saw his face
I was transported to a place of happiness
When I heard his voice
It filtered through me like blood flowing through m
y veins
I looked into his eyes and I was whole again
Forget my head, I cannot reason
My heart is in my head; I have given it to him
I have nothing else to offer anyone else
I love him
I have never loved like this before
I am tired of fighting battles within
Tired of making excuses for my unhappiness
Tired of solving math’s
I am like a river that has flowed into his ocean
Connected to his soul we are inseparable
Lost without him like the air that I breathe
He fills me up in ways only he can
I have zipped my foul tongue and swept away pessimi
I have blocked my ears that which threatens to tear
us down
I am taking charge of my bliss
Letting go
I have given myself to him

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