The Middle Passage



Need I say more, this piece speaks for itself. After many nights of watching Django unchained, I couldn’t get the images of the enslaved out of my head. It haunted me, followed me everywhere I went and finally, I spilled it out on a 5ft x 40 inches canvas and after I painted it, I was afraid of what I had created. I truly began to understand the fact that artists are controlled by forces greater than themselves.

I am a medium for stories which need to me told. This is the migration story, it speaks of the bravery, torture an resilience of those who had to go through the middle passage.

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To Have And To Hold


Woman is like a treasure unto man, a measure of success, an affirmation of fulfillment in life. In Africa, a woman is often used to measure a man’s status in society. A woman adorned with precious jewels, pampered and clothed in the finest fabric would be a confirmation that her man was well to do.

In Christianity, God advises that a man love his wife like he (God) loves his church and in turn you will have her submission.

She will devote herself to you,mind body and soul.

Nudity is seen as humility in Art history and the Renaissance period.

This piece titled “to have and to hold” shows a bare African beauty, presenting herself on a platform to the man who has won her heart. She is his, to have and to hold.

‘To Have and To Hold’ , oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches, is currently in my solo exhibition , March 6 – April 25th at the Joyce Gordon Gallery,406 14th Street, downtown Oakland. For more information please visit and

The Summer Place

Presenting my most recently finished piece of art titled , “The Summer Place” . It’s so fresh… The paint is still wet. I may tweak it a bit if something draws my eye to any area that may need more work. What can I say, I found a place in San Francisco where summer never ends, even when it rains , how ironic. 

It’s a 30×30 oil on canvas . 

My solo show is on , the opening reception was a blast, thanks to all who could make it and thanks to all who intend to still make time to visit the gallery. It will be up till April 25th , I feel so lucky and blessed. For more on my work and my exhibition, please visit links below



Naked I came into this world and one final day , naked I shall leave. Nudity strips me of profanity and reminds me of my humble beginnings. Today ,I am a seeker, leaving all that I know behind, I have stripped myself . Here I am chartering new territories, finding my place …. Seeking…………………

‘Seeking’ , oil on canvas, 12×9 inches, will be in my solo exhibition , March 6 – April 25th at the Joyce Gordon Gallery,406 14th Street, downtown Oakland. For more information please visit and