Ponder about love


I ponder about love, out in the cold, shaking in my boots , waiting for you to hold me tight, keep me warm and never let go.

I wonder about love. An emotion that has made me foolish. I move in obedience to its wind. I think without thought. Shut my mind out and following the dictates of my heart . Knowing not what I am doing but only knowing that I am deep in love.

That this love may not put me asunder . It weighs on me, the vulnerability I reside in, the fragility of my heart. Love controls me , O! Such stupidity. I am at its feet hoping that it may not step on me but only lift me to higher places.

…..and still I wonder, how I ponder about love. Love is a battle field, a place where a heart must fight for its height . To tear down barriers and make way for love to thrive.

A place where dreams have wings and birds sing and twirl in the wind. Where the sun kisses the sea and the moon dances with the ocean at night.

Love makes me ponder……

“Ponder, 24×18, oil on canvas” will be exhibited in my solo show at Joyce Gordon Gallery, 406 14th street between Broadway and telegraph, downtown Oakland, from March 6 – April 25th.

For more information please visit http://ninafabunmi.com and http://www.joycegordongallery.com

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