A Dream So Deep


As I close my eyes in sleep and drift away into uncharted territories. In places where all is possible, I meet people I only imagined. Hallucinations, a peek into my consciousness. I see , I hear , I touch , I feel. I have developed super human powers. I call out to the mountains that stand before me, I tear them down with a wave of my finger and laugh at the sweet feel of my victory. I have travelled beyond the bounds of this earth, built floating castles in the sky and sat on my throne like the Queen of all. I have a love that will never die. For all is possible in a dream so deep.

‘A dream so deep’, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 Inches will be included in my solo show titled ‘Rebirth’ taking place from March 6th -April 25th at Joyce Gordon Gallery.406 14th Street, Oakland, CA 94612,Phone:(510) 465-8928.

For more information, please visit  http://ninafabunmi.com and http://www.joycegordongallery.com

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