Head Wrap_ Joi


I painted this portrait because she had adorned her head with a head wrap made of a traditional Nigerian fabric called ‘Ankara’. This fabric is also worn in other West African nations like Togo and Ghana. It reminded me of home.

I met her at the Museum of the African Diaspora. She is a gorgeous African American who has never visited Africa but still acknowledges her roots by the way she dresses. She is wearing a denim shirt which makes her appearance very contemporary.

I really enjoyed making this piece. Several collectors tried to buy this piece but art finally finds its way to the right home. She was steadfast in her quest to own it and it finally went home to her on Saturday. Only then did I finally see the locs she nurtured under that lovely head wrap.


5 thoughts on “Head Wrap_ Joi

  1. Really beautiful painting. I love the eyes abs how you captured her peculiar look and the headwrap.

    Thank you for sharing.

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