She lay in a foreshortened position. Arms spread across from east to west as if pinned on a cross like the crucifix. Her legs folded to deviate from that. Her head looks to the side, hair fallen to the floor, it becomes her pillow. Her face is hidden but her profile is defined. She awaits my recreation.

This pose, I choreographed, it’s my interpretation of a person evolved. With religious connotations, we evolve in spirit and with the denotation of her physical gesture, we evolve in body, mind and soul. That we may become renewed. A breath of fresh life bestowed upon us as we leave all we know behind and charter new territories. We never forget our origins but when we find ourselves in a new place, we adapt and we eventually transform. We evolve.

Evolved is a 24″x48 oil on canvas painting which I completed last year. It will be displayed at my solo show titled “Rebirth” running from March 6 – April 25th at the Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland. For more information please visit my website

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