There is Beauty in the Wild


I made her out of earth, moulded her into the canvas and gently sculpted her gesture and her curves. I sheltered her with vines and ferns, embracing her to give her cover. She sits in her shelter, gently disposition, shy as she is ,she looks to the other side. She is raw, pure, untouched, nude to show her lack of desire for mundane things. She is in the wild. She is the beauty in the wild.

I returned to our humble beginnings, the creation of man, and how we once lived. Unclothed, at one with nature, running free in the bushes. Technology has revamped the world, a simple existence like this , now so rare, it’s even seen as queer .Imagine a world where the wild once thrived, now a thing of the past but there is beauty in the wild

there is beauty in the wild, mixed media on canvas, 24″x24″, on sale at Gallery Guichard, 436E, 47th street, Bronzeville , Chicago, IL,

Nina Fabunmi

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