Someone’s watching


Daddy died in June last year. He shut his eyes in sleep and never awoke. His spiritual being decided to exit his body and still he is asleep. I have cried , I am still crying and I am wandering where he went. I started doing a lot of research on life after death. I even consulted Buddhism and Hinduism to try to figure this out. Where did daddy go? Can he see me? What is his next move?

When he was ill two years ago, he saw spirits wandering on the highway he travelled. They tried to call him in , but he was not ready to go. I know now that there are those who wander the earth but can’t be seen.

When I walk by and hear the motion of the wind whistling through the trees, I feel like I hear voices. The sun looks down on us , passing the baton to the moon at night. Birds in the sky look over us. I feel like daddy sees me, he is an angel in heaven wearing a golden robe that glows. Telling me that he is with me always and that I will soar above all that I have to conquer to live a fulfilled life.

We walk on the same streets that other’s walk on. There are eyes everywhere , the ones we see and those that we don’t see because someone is watching.

“Someone is watching” mixed media on canvas 24 x24 inches , available at Gallery Guichard , Bronzeville me Chicago

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