NIETZCHE: We Are Not Of This World

I have always believed that we come from something much greater than ourselves. We are born, we live and then we die, probably to be reborn again, probably not. We will probably be a spirit floating through universes, wondering what our next life will be. There are somany unanswered questions about our existence.

This painting titled “Nietzche” is my interpretation of humans having superhuman qualities that removes us from this world even though live in it. The name comes from a German philospher, ‘Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. He was also a cultural critic, poet and composer, known to embrace the idea of the world beyond.

I captured my subject in a way that gives him superhuman qualities. He is out of this world and represents an existence that is more than meets the eye.


I guess that no matter who we are, our color, race, nationality or religion, it is the transcience of this life that’s our commonality. Though we are all in this world, we are not of it.

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