A Painting for a Leather Jacket

I love the city of San Francisco and am constantly inspired by its uniqueness. This is what drives me to paint Cityscapes , especially rainy day scenes. So I painted a street scene with “West Coast Leather” store in it. Is a 12×24 piece with lovely colors and on a rainy day.

I was walking by the store last week, just coming from the post office and decided to pop into West Coast Leather for the first time. I was amazed at their line of leather wear. The store smelt good, I have never seen so much leather all packed in one place.

I introduced myself to the owners Skip and Joe, two lovely gentlemen and told them about the painting. I then showed them a picture of it and they were amazed. They offered me a trade, “the painting for a leather jacket” , it was an offer I could not refuse.

I wear my leather jacket with pride. It’s a reminder of the skills I have and how it impacts lives. I thank God for making me an artist. The leather jacket makes that painting all the more interesting.




2 thoughts on “A Painting for a Leather Jacket

    • Thanks a lot Mary, I am so happy you are reading them. I want my audience to understand more about my work and what inspires me to paint. Thanks a lot for your patronage.

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