Broken shelter

Broken shelter

Beneath the fortress in distressImage
Lies the weeping mistress
Water quenches not her thirst
For the rain falls from her pregnant eyes
The blanket that kept her warm
Now wet with misery
Still she lies underneath
Her bones shiver at the chill of its cold embrace
By day the sun peeps through the cracks
But by night the winds break through it
Dew trickling in with the coming of a new day
The rustling sound of a shattering enclosure
She calls out to the presence that once gave her peace
Seeking for the touch of an angel
The shelter is broken yet it still stands
All the forces of nature could not tear it down
Faithful, she shakes under its fragile enclosure
The strong wind tears the leaves off their branches
Causing them to patch up the cracks on her ceiling
Vines reaching for the sun creep up
Mushrooms and weeds taken along
They form a firm hold around her broken shelter
Mending that which was once falling apart
Mistress in distress
Now relieved from stress
Underneath the broken shelter

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